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Actel company launched a low-cost flashpro Lite programmer

Actel company announced the launch of a portable, low-cost flashprolite programmer, which is used together with its flash based proasicplus series field programmable gate array (FPGA). Actel's next-generation programmer has been optimized in size and is very compact, allowing users to program devices using laptops anywhere. The new flashprolite programmer enables designers to give full play to Actel's low-power, reprogrammable proasicplusfpga products' in system programmability (ISP) and flashlock's on-chip security system features. With the introduction of new programmers, Actel has brought designers a cost-effective portable programming solution to easily adopt the alternative of application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) in the design of industrial, communication, networking and aviation products

jonewald, marketing director of Actel's products, such as PVC pipes with a diameter of 1.5m, said: "In addition to being extremely cost-effective, the volume of the next generation flashprolite programmer is only about one quarter of that of the flashpro programmer. In other words, its appearance is very precise and compact. The portability of the programmer allows designers to easily configure actelproasicplusfpga anytime and anywhere with a laptop. Through the flashprolite programmer, users can obtain the ISP function of Actel's secure and low-power proasicplus device for communication In the design of information, industrial and aviation products. "

flashprolite programmer supports standard test and programming language (stapl), which makes the device not limited by any specific programming algorithm. The programming algorithm has been embedded in the programming file, which is independent of flashpro software and allows other stapl compatible programmers to use the same programming file

actel's next-generation programmer is powered by the target circuit board, not by the external power block, so it is compact and portable. In addition, Actel's programming scheme uses 26 pin manifolds to connect the target circuit board, allowing designers to program flashprolite circuit boards using Actel's flashpro or s, whose market sales will exceed US00 billion in the next 20 years. Flashprolite is supported by the same flashpro software as actelflashpro programmer, which helps users who are accustomed to using this software to easily switch from one programmer to another

about proasicplus

the proasicplus series is Actel's second generation flash based FPGA, with a total of seven devices and a system gate density between 75000 and 1million system gates. Proasicplus integrates fine-grained ASIC like architecture and nonvolatile flash memory configuration memory. It is an ideal choice other than special purpose integrated circuits (as tableware with the theme of "nagori afterwaves" shows the charm of the newly developed plastic materials in the project). These devices have the same characteristics as ASIC, that is, they can operate under the restrictions and requirements of test conditions and working efficiency when powered on, and have high confidentiality and no need to configure additional memory. The proasicplus structure supports the popular FPGA and ASIC tool flow, shortens the time of product launch, and allows designers to easily convert between FPGA and ASIC solutions. The main features of the proasicplus series include multiple phase locked loops (PLLs), support for up to 198k bit dual port embedded SRAM, 712 user configurable i/o, and improved in system programmability (ISP)

price and supply

actel now provides a low-cost flashprolite portable programmer for use with proasicplus series products. Flashprolite also incorporates the low-cost proasicplus entry-level Development Suite launched by Actel in March 2003. For details of price and supply, please contact Actel

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