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IAS good news is frequently heard. Turck sensor has won a number of annual product and application awards to replace the capacity requirements of setting days

on September 17-21, 2019, the 21st IAS Industrial Expo was grandly held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Turk made a stunning debut with the theme of integration, and there are countless new solutions such as intelligent manufacturing and information processing. Among many star products, Turk ps+ series intelligent pressure sensor has won two annual awards in the industry, the annual innovative product award (mm modern manufacturing) and the annual product award (Control Engineering China). Not only that, Turck's capacitive sensor, with its application in the valve body of intelligent high-speed precision dispenser, won the 2019 intelligent innovation scheme Award (mm modern manufacturing), which can be described as blooming everywhere and good news is frequent

Turck's brand-new ps+ pressure sensor with capacitive touch panel has not only won awards in China, but also won the if design award in Germany, representing the upgrading of fluid transmission, which is beneficial to the operation, storage and use of sensor technology. The product adopts innovative operation concept, and the debugging is particularly simple. It supports suspension installation. It has a sensor body that can rotate within the range of 340 and a 180 reversible multi-color display screen. It is made of UV resistant and salt fog resistant materials, and its high protection grade can reach IP67 and ip69k. The measurement range is up to 600bar, and the accuracy is up to 0.25%. It supports IO link communication protocol, automatically monitors the signal type, and up to seven times the withstand voltage level

the award-winning annual intelligent scheme adopts two Turk's Square capacitance sensor products: qf5.5 and Q08, which is smaller in size. Due to the liquid level detection of the 30cc syringe feeding device on the valve body of the intelligent high-speed precision dispenser, it needs a small size, large effective detection distance, and can detect the liquid level across the outer wall of the plastic barrel. The cost of each box of glue is very high, and the material, density and detection distance of the glue cylinder are different based on different end users. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for capacitor products, including adjustable sensitivity and debugging in limited installation space and debugging space. In this way, the accurate and real-time alarm output when the glue is completely used up is realized. The equipment industry department will thoroughly implement the spirit of the 109th CPC National Congress to avoid expensive glue waste, and the debugging is extremely convenient. These two products of Turk perfectly match the needs of customers. In addition to qf5.5 sensors and Q08, compact discs or e-mails can be formed, which is very suitable for narrow installation occasions. The product has a very bright LED power supply and status indicator, which is suitable for all kinds of electronic industry customers with more compact volume, adjustable sensitivity and convenient adjustment of potentiometer

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