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Application introduction of kulite pressure sensor

kulite company has a reputation as the world leader in the field of pressure transmitter industry. Piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor is the heart product of kulite pressure transmitter. After years of technological development and improvement, kulite has the silicon on silicon technology applied today. The latest generation of products is leadless technology sensors, which enable engineers to measure in environments that were impossible to test in the past - such as high vibration, high acceleration and high temperature environments

The main features of kulite products are:

* high precision

* high frequency response

* excellent long-term stability

* excellent repeatability

* negligible nonlinearity and hysteresis

* accuracy 0.1%

* good media compatibility

* environmental protection

* customized products for users, compact structure, light weight, ruggedness

in the past 45 years medium, Kulite has proved its transistor design and structure technology, which also shows its advanced technology from the high reliability and outstanding products provided by kulite engineers to the automotive and aviation industry



pneumatic pressure measurement

lq-062 xcl-100 xcq-062 lq-125

xcl-072 lq-080 xcl-1526 The door of the cold and hot shock test box should be closed before operation Close xcs-152

xcq-080 xcq-093 xcs-093

airbag system pressure measurement

xtl-123b-190 (m) hkm-375 (m)

xtl-123c-190 (m) etm-375 (m)

air velocity (airspeed) pressure measurement

et-2dc-312 (m) et-10dc-312 (m)

et-3dc-312 (m)

pressure test of braking system/anti lock braking system

xtl-123b-190 (m) xtl-123c-190m

xtl-142b-190 (m) xtl-142c-190m

etl- (m) Etm- (m)

etl-76a-190 (m) etm- (m)

hkm- (m) etm-375 (m)

hkm-375 (m) etq -

etm- (m)

cooling system pressure measurement

xtl-123b-190 (m) hkm-375 (m)

hkm- (m) etm- (m)

etm- (m) etm-375 (m)

cooling system pressure and temperature measurement

etl-2t-312 (m) etlr/t- (m)

hkl-1t-375 (m) etl-1t-375 (m)

power meter

etm-375 dct-1000

etq- (m) Ipte-1000

engine oil pressure measurement

etm- (m) etm- (m)

etm- (m) hkm-375 (m)

etm- (m) hem-375 (m)

etm- (m)

exhaust system pressure test

xteh-7l-190 (m) ewct-312

xteh-10l-190 (m) wct-312

fuel (material) pressure test

xtl-123b-190 (m) et even for appearance parts that need metal texture m- (m)

xtl- (m) etm-375 (m)

etm- (m) hkm-375 (m)

hydraulic system pressure measurement

etm- (m) etm- (m)

etm- (m) hkm-375 (m)

etm- (m) hem-375 (m)

etm- (m) etm-375 (m)

cylinder pressure measurement

xtel-cs-190 (m) ewct-312

pressure measurement of air inlet (oil or water inlet) pipe

lq-062 lq-dc-125

xcl-072 xcl-140

lq-080 xtl-123b-190 (m)

xcl-080 et-5dc-312

xcl-100 etl-


oil pressure and temperature measurement

etl-2t-312 (m) efl-475

etl-1t-375 (m) hfl/t-475

hkm-1t-375 (m)

control (lever) System pressure measurement

in addition, xtl-123b-190 (m) xtl-139f-190 (m)

xtl-123c-190 (m) xtl-142b-190 (m)

transmission test

xtl-140 xtl-140b-190 (m)

xtl-123b-190 (m) xtl-140c-190 (m)

xtl-123c-190 (m)

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