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IBM technology innovation promotes Tianjin smart city construction and enterprise transformation

on June 29, "IBM Tianjin Branch strategic media conference" was grandly held in Tianjin today. With the rapid development of IBM's business in Tianjin, in combination with the 12th Five Year Plan of Tianjin and the market needs of customers in different industries, IBM has put forward the concept of "smart growth", further cooperate with the construction of Tianjin's "smart city" and smart new area, and vigorously support the transformation of local enterprises, with a view to integrating the relevant parameters of the impactor of 4 devices, through integrating the essence of IBM's century old scientific and technological innovation, and working with local leading partners, Meet the business needs of customers in various industries in Tianjin in the fields of management consulting and informatization implementation, system integration, hardware and software, build a "smart Tianjin", accelerate the "smart growth" of enterprises, and effectively help Tianjin's economic development and enterprise strategic upgrading

Qiu Honghua, manager of IBM Tianjin Branch, said: "Since its establishment in 2005, IBM Tianjin Branch has been adhering to IBM's core values of 'achieving customers, innovation and honesty and responsibility'. With the support of global integration of resources, more and more Tianjin enterprises have benefited from IBM's wisdom growth through hundreds of years of leading scientific and technological achievements and management practice experience. After Zhang Gaoli, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, met with Luo Ruilan, President and CEO of IBM in 2011, IBM promoted Tianjin Branch The resource allocation level of the company has further strengthened the localization service ability, so that we can closely cooperate with the scientific and technological innovation needs of enterprises according to the economic development direction proposed by Tianjin governments at all levels, build a 'smart city' and realize the 'smart growth' of enterprises in various industries! "

build a smart city to achieve a happy people's livelihood

Qiu Honghua believes that IBM's "smart city" concept can solve the problems faced by many city managers - these solutions have also been effectively implemented in China: in the field of food safety, IBM helped Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce launch the Olympic food traceability system during the Olympic Games, creating a success of "zero food safety accidents"; In the medical field, IBM cooperates with Peking Union Medical College to collect and mine clinical data and conduct intelligent analysis and decision optimization on the clinical and translational research and analysis platform under the guidance of evidence-based medicine, which improves the overall level of diagnosis and treatment; In the field of social management, IBM helped Jiangning District in Nanjing start the construction of digital urban management project, helped departments in Jiangning District effectively share information, standardized business processes, and improved the work efficiency and responsiveness of urban management team; In the field of park management, IBM is building smart buildings and smart parks and ports in Tianjin

in the field of public transport, Zhenjiang recently chose the IBM intelligent operation center (IOC) solution to build the central command center of the transportation system, which covers all administrative agencies and departments of relevant urban public services. By providing intelligent equipment for buses and bus stops, Zhenjiang provides a real-time panoramic view of the urban transportation network; IOC can comprehensively collect traffic information and conduct real-time analysis, so as to improve the capacity and efficiency of public transport, predict traffic congestion in advance, and finally significantly improve the level of urban traffic management and the quality of life of urban residents. At the same time, IOC can also be expanded into a platform that comprehensively supports all kinds of urban service management, and can integrate public safety, public affairs, water affairs, energy, buildings and other urban management

applying scientific and technological innovation to achieve the growth of wisdom

the steady and sustainable development of the economy requires the accelerated growth of local enterprises in various industries, and the current enterprise managers in Tianjin are also looking for the development direction of "breakthrough innovation". Qiu Honghua believes that the only feasible key driving force to promote the smart growth of enterprises in Tianjin is that enterprises formulate correct strategic planning, reengineer optimized business processes, and apply innovative scientific and technological achievements. Among them, the new technologies represented by cloud computing, business analysis insight, mobile Internet and social commerce are becoming the new trend of innovation and development in different industries at home and abroad, and will become the key applications of leading enterprises in the future

for example, smart business can profoundly change the existing business model, completely connect and integrate marketing, sales, operation and supply chain, quickly explore new markets, reduce operating costs, improve service quality, and achieve the growth of enterprise wisdom; The driving effect of "cloud computing" on business model innovation and cross industry integration innovation is becoming increasingly prominent, which can effectively promote the transformation and innovation of regional economy, and enable enterprises to gain a step ahead market competitiveness; "Business analysis insight" can obtain wisdom from a wide range of big data, analyze, predict and optimize the big data assets owned by enterprises to reduce costs, and provide managers of relevant departments with a new strategic decision-making model with fast, accurate and predictable results. Once the wisdom in big data is discovered, data will become the source of value creation for enterprises and the key to success or failure in all industry competitions

IBM's strategic focus in Tianjin in 2012

with the strong support of IBM's regional expansion strategy, IBM Tianjin Branch was officially established in 2005. Under the guidance of the strategic direction of "intensive cultivation of regional markets and achievement of customer value", with IBM's world leading R & D technology, first-class service team and comprehensive solutions, it further strengthened localized, professional and fast personal services for banks, electric power, government, customs Tianjin customers such as real estate and small and medium-sized enterprises provide world-class software and hardware products, comprehensive information services, enterprise management and it consulting services, and establish comprehensive strategic cooperative relations with local leading enterprises such as Tianjin Mobile, Tianjin electric power, Tiens, Tianfang, Tianjin port, etc

in 2011, IBM's business in Tianjin developed rapidly. It cooperated with leading customers in the park construction, banking, real estate, retail and other industries to improve the management ability and informatization level of the enterprise. The projects include management and it strategic planning, software and hardware equipment implementation and integration, storage integration and disaster recovery center construction It technology framework construction and trust of small and medium-sized enterprises predict that the Asian composite material market will grow by double digits in the next five years. For example, IBM provides comprehensive "smart Tianfang" it planning consulting services for Tianfang group, jointly develops and constructs intelligent community projects, integrates ecological, livable, low-carbon, earthquake resistant and other humanistic concepts into the project development, and jointly constructs "smart buildings"

Qiu Honghua, manager of IBM Tianjin Branch, said: "Whether the pointer of IBM in Tianjin is flexible or not has always been the most reliable strategic partner in the field of information technology. In 2012, the high-end demand for management and informatization in Tianjin government departments at all levels, parks and industries including medical treatment, transportation and manufacturing increased significantly. Therefore, IBM Tianjin Branch further upgraded the allocation of its expert resources, combined with IBM's global excellent industry insight, business analysis and optimization Capabilities, as well as leading technologies and services including cloud computing and IOT, IBM will work with excellent partners in Tianjin to jointly help Tianjin build a 'smart city' and comprehensively serve the 'smart growth' of enterprises in various industries! "

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