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IBM cloud computing Summit: cloud corner image solutions help enterprises innovate, transform and upgrade

on October 19, the 2016ibm cloud computing summit was grandly held in the Beijing International Hotel Convention Center. This conference focuses on cutting-edge technologies, looks forward to the trend of cloud computing, and focuses on the three cutting-edge technologies of cognition, IOT and blockchain to help business transformation; Many technical masters and management teams were invited to discuss cutting-edge technologies and grasp the technology trend

Chen liming, chairman of IBM Greater China

Chen liming, chairman of IBM Greater China, said that cloud computing has changed people's work and lifestyle, especially with the combination of big data, mobile and IOT, releasing human panacryl reg; It is another kind of commercialized PLGA suture that people have unlimited imagination, which is the power of cloud computing and bluemix

Hu Shizhong, general manager of IBM cloud computing business in Greater China

Hu Shizhong, general manager of IBM cloud computing business in Greater China, pointed out that a business is an ecosystem, which jointly generates new data sources, new application services, and innovative communities across industries. IBM adheres to the principle of openness, and supports enterprises to use IBM cloud platform, integrate new resources, and seize new business opportunities with the core concepts of freedom, knowledge, and professionalism, Achieve business goals quickly and efficiently, and IBM bluemix is the digital innovation platform around you

as a special partner of IBM, yunjiao is honored to be invited to attend this conference. Ms. Zhu Zhu, President of yunjiao, shared yunjiao's image solution based on bluemix computing with you at the main venue

Zhu Zhu, President of yunjiao information, can also watch the live speech through real-time broadcast

cloud corner is the leading value-added service provider of cloud computing in China

it occupies a leading position in the three key areas of cloud brokerage (CSB)

China's earliest cloud system migration and integration service provider

IBM bluemix partners and channels

a large number of cloud industry solutions

a large number of cloud deployment, implementation and operation and maintenance experience

we all know that big data is divided into structured data and unstructured data, Structured data are text, numbers, etc. What are unstructured numbers? It is data sources such as pictures and videos. The image solution developed by yunjiao on IBM bluemix is the basis for unstructured data analysis. First of all, it is a basic image processing tool, which can automatically recognize blur or sharpness, enhance processing, adjust saturation, increase stereoscopic sense, and automatically adjust various parameters to achieve the best effect of photos. We're not making a new photo, we're just making it clearer

the visual service of cloud corner image solution can extract rich information from images and videos. We will use computer vision, face recognition, emotion recognition and other technologies to extract all kinds of useful information behind each picture. For example, extract the text in the picture, identify celebrities through face recognition, and read the age, gender, emotion and other indexes of the characters. You can also compare and analyze the similarity of faces, and maybe you can find another yourself in the vast crowd

cloud corner provides you with high-quality graphic recognition platform and professional technical services, including software integration API integration scheme, image storage service support, development support, etc. At present, the system developed by yunjiao is first applied in the retail industry. Everyone will go to the supermarket to buy a bottle of drink when they are thirsty. This is a simple action for us. Pick it up and pay. Easy. But how many processes are there behind this bottle of drink before it goes on the shelf? Manufacturing, stock in, stock out, stock in, stock out, tally, etc. Every beverage company has a position called inspector. They go to the supermarket to take countless photos every day to understand the sales situation of the supermarket and whether it needs replenishment. At present, many people judge by photos manually. Yunjiao can help you solve the pain points and automate the process, including shelf planning, brand identification, competitor analysis, statistical reports, etc. In the long run, it greatly reduces labor costs and improves the market competitiveness of enterprises

bluemix's help to cloud service partners

experience (development/integration/implementation)

breadth and depth of platform functions

pace of innovation

expansion of global business

precision marketing of solutions

business training and consulting services

cloud corner's image solutions based on bluemix can help enterprises successfully complete innovation, transformation and upgrading. An endless stream of people came to yunjiao booth for consultation

cloud corner provides image solutions based on bluemix computing

basic services: cloud based image processing system platform

yais image processing services

sharpness processing (fuzzy, clear recognition)

enhancement processing (high fidelity, saturation, stereo)

visual services: from image Extract rich information from videos

computer vision (analyze images, extract words, recognize celebrities)

face recognition (face detection, verification, discrimination, grouping, similarity)

emotion recognition (face emotion in pictures and videos)

technical services: the graphics recognition platform provides

software integration (provides the API integration scheme for sample preparation detection in the past)

service provision (image storage service support)

development support

retail industry: industry application scenarios

brand recognition (competitive brand statistics in the industry)

shelf planning (whether products are neat and brand errors)

report statistics (shelf production strives to achieve 350 Watt hours/kg product quantity statistics and analysis, vacancy analysis)

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