The hottest IBM push for new software and services

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IBM promotes new software and services, which belong to service-oriented architecture. On April 21, IBM said that it launched a kind of software and services called "service-oriented architecture (SOA)". With this new software and services, customers can reuse their IT system components, and second, combine these components in a new way

in SOA, software elements and business processing are divided into standardized modules, so that these modules can be combined in new ways with minimal effort

michaelkiess, a spokesman for IBM's software department in Europe, said: "in business processing, you can use them as standard parts, and their compatibility is similar to the principle of compatibility. These parts can be reused and combined according to different processing needs."

the company said that customers do not need to transform the entire IT infrastructure, as long as Li also has the incomparable advantages of the old hydraulic universal experimental machine. With IBM's WebSphere business integration server, Elsevier company in the Netherlands is an enterprise basic software that provides scientific, technical and medical information products and services, it can start to build application software bit by bit

kiess said, "this product can build a modular architecture to increase the flexibility of business processing. It is a platform framework that supports our service-oriented view."

Kiess said that for customers who are not familiar with the concept of SOA, IBM will also launch some new services. [CCID news]

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