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IBM infoprint 6700 series printer comes out

China Packaging compilation: September 14, 2005 boulder News -- IBM announced today that its latest RFID printer now meets the global electronic product coding (EPC) issued by the industry standards organization EPCglobal. In the second 3 (5) years, there will be no class 1 Gen 2 standard

ibm infoprint 6700 R40 now conforms to the Class1 Gen 2 standard together with RFID tags and other devices. There are many electronic product coding standards in the world today. The Class1 Gen 2 standard is designed to eventually become the only standard in the world

infoprint 6700 R40, launched in June, can print traditional computer bar codes and RFID tags. This scalable solution can be used in the existing basic supply chain, and then upgraded to the level of RFID technology when needed

this is a key component of IBM's end-to-end RFID solutions, including hardware, software, support, and services

"the capabilities of our new RFID printer have won the support of customers all over the world," said Doug oathout, vice president of printing systems division 3 and President of cutting. "Infoprint 6700 can now become part of the periphery of the Gen 2 standard that the world will converge, providing customers in a variety of industries with great flexibility and use value."

improve the reliability and efficiency of RFID

improve the reliability and efficiency of the supply chain. Infoprint 6700 R40 can check each RFID tag before any important information is encoded on the chip or printed on the tag. If the label is faulty, the printer can move to the next label and continue to run without operator intervention, so as to eliminate unreliable labels. This enhanced reliability helps customers reduce lost revenue due to returns, distribution errors, and missed schedules

infoprint 6700 R40 can be quickly and easily integrated with the existing operating system and ERP infrastructure peripheral according to the requirements of some specifications. It can work with IBM websphere The software is seamlessly integrated to provide real-time viewing of the entire RFID supply chain from a single site. Comprehensive IBM solutions can share supply chain information between printers and networks to update inventory, transportation and track the status of details

infoprint 6700 R40 is part of the thermal printer family, and this family also includes infoprint 6700 R60 and R80. The whole production line has been in operation since June 20th, 2005. R40`s Gen 2 production line is expected to be completed by November 18th, 2005. For more information, please contact the IBM representative or check

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