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IBM expands its bluemix PAAS data center strategy

after the data sovereignty incident in Snowden, the world has increasingly strict regulations on the construction of data centers. Although the European Court of Justice ruled this month that the safe harbor rule for transatlantic data transmission was invalid, cloud service business activities are not as significant as before

where should the user's application be placed? What rules are used to manage data transmission and where is it stored? Customers and service providers have to give up many ideas about the storage of data and applications raised by customers

ibm has developed a new platform as a service for data centers around the world. Its working principle is that the servo system controls the electromechanical manufacturers, which is called bluemix. The approach taken by IBM to some extent replaced the ruling of the European Court of justice, and the safe harbor violated the privacy rights of EU citizens. Tim vanderheim, vice president of cloud platform services at IBM, said that users can have complete control over their data residence, and they can choose to store it on the Atlantic coast

ibm claims that bluemix is the largest deployment of open source cloud computing PAAS. Bluemix originally came from VMware, but was eventually spun off as an independent open source project. Bluemix currently has three deployment modes: public, private and on premises. Dedicated bluemix servers and Prem versions can be run in IBM softlayer data centers around the world, including customers' own or third-party managed data center facilities. These two options allow users to fully control their data location and transmit their data to their destinations through network connection configuration

the most sensitive option is public PAAS, because it is a multi tenant cloud computing infrastructure. Through IBM server, users can share full control of the server. Bluemix has recently opened its data centers in Dallas and London. Vanderheim said that IBM recently announced that it had entered into a partnership with China's data center provider 21vianet to operate in China, and plans to build a data center in Sydney to operate this business in the near future

vanderheim explained that even with the public cloud option, if the user selects an operation instance in London, he can rest assured that his data will not be transferred to other places without his requirements

with a single account, users can define the deployment of their application, and importantly, the services used by the application will be delivered. The valuable value of PAAS is that the development environment and automated infrastructure can run on it. The other part of its value is to provide more than 100 application services to developers, including IBM's big data analysis and cognitive computing services

users' applications can be hosted in London, but they can also choose to deliver service products in IBM data center in Germany. For example, if users need to access applications running on bluemix in a specific location and store their own data, they can use a dedicated instance in the softlayer data center. If you are not running in the softlayer data center, you can also choose to deploy an instance in the local data center

ibm's response to the safe harbor has been similar to that of other major cloud providers. The company issued a notice on its website, telling customers that if they want to move data between the United States and Europe and operate legally, they can rely on another set of data transfer rules of EU Member States, namely the implementation of the so-called model terms. That is to say, companies that need transatlantic mobile data can operate their own services on IBM's cloud infrastructure while solving lighting comfort

in the list of IBM companies, there are more than 20 model terms covered by IBM services. Obviously, bluemix is evolving in this direction. Vanderheim said. Over time, all applications migrated to the model of model terms through the services provided by bluemix, he added

in general, the sensor of IBM has high accuracy and is more inclined to deploy bluemix and other cloud services in its softlayer data center. But it can't be everywhere. If a foreign company builds a data center in China, it's best to cooperate with a Chinese company

vanderheim said that we chose 21vianet, which focuses on cloud hosting services, as our partner

data center operators in China provide IBM's management services, which is similar to Microsoft, providing azure and office365 cloud services in China

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