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IBDN builds the backbone of the financial building -- case study of Citigroup Building of Ritter wiring

with the continuous development of China's economy and the increasingly prominent status of Shanghai as a global financial center city, more and more international financial groups are based in Shanghai and actively participate in the investment in the Chinese market. Citigroup is an extremely eye-catching one of these financial institutions. Citigroup not only cooperated with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to issue credit cards, but also moved its headquarters to Shanghai, and also built the "Citigroup Building" on the Bund. From the beginning of preparation, Citigroup Building has been designed and constructed in accordance with the standard of "international class A office building". Therefore, as the information hub of the building and the hardware basis for information exchange between internal systems and the outside world, the generic cabling system plays a very important role, Nordx/cdt's 2400 six Gigabit system is precisely the "information highway" of this modern intelligent building, although it is the elasticity of polymers

user demand analysis and selection

according to the requirements of the bidding documents, the generic cabling system of Citigroup Building provides the building with high-performance transmission media for data and voice communication, supports multimedia services such as, data, graphics, images, etc., meets the needs of voice and digital signal transmission, and can adapt to the needs of the developing computer network in the future; It can realize resource sharing, comprehensive information database management, e-mail, personal database, report processing, financial management, meetings, video conferences, etc; Computers, printers, fax machines and other equipment can be connected at any data information point, and various types of internal communication terminals and other equipment can be connected at any voice information point. The system has openness, flexibility and scalability

after unified planning, the new Citigroup Building will create an intelligent system for unified management of the entire building complex. As the basis for the system integration of intelligent power supply, the integrated wiring system should be installed with air switches and leakage protection devices. In the design and planning, the overall situation and overall planning must be considered. The new system should not only meet the current needs, but also have the ability to expand and upgrade. When building the generic cabling system of the building, consider the future development, and leave appropriate allowance in the key equipment configuration of the system

one of the key points of the intelligent system construction of Citigroup Building is to establish the daily application, management and decision support platform of the building based on the computer network system. As the information transmission medium of computer network system, the rationality and progressiveness of its design and construction directly affect the planning and application of the above two. The integrated system of Citigroup Building needs to be progressiveness and appropriately advanced. With the progress and development of science and technology, especially the development of computer information technology, the requirements for hardware facilities are becoming higher and higher. The transmission speed of computer network has gradually increased from 10Mbps and 100mpbs to 1000Mbps. Such a high speed of information transmission requires high requirements for computer systems, especially generic cabling systems used as transmission links

according to the requirements of the above system, the IBDN 2400 system with high speed, stability and high cost performance is finally selected in the design. IBDN 2400 system is composed of gigaflex 2400 series unshielded cables and PS6 connectors, which provide users with unimpeded transmission channels to support high-speed and high bandwidth applications. The 2400 system will provide 250MHz user bandwidth and support a transmission rate of up to 2.4g/s. Each index of IBDN 2400 system exceeds the requirements of six types of standards, and its application performance will pass the test of the most demanding network environment

design of generic cabling system

the goal of this design scheme is to meet the needs of information transmission in Citigroup Building, and according to the functional application of the building, fully consider the future development trend, and provide an integrated platform for the intelligent system of Citigroup Building

in the design of the generic cabling system of Citigroup Building, Ritter took the bidding documents, design drawings and corresponding standards and specifications provided by Party A as the design basis, and fully considered the actual needs of Party A and the actual situation of the project site to design and optimize appropriately. In the optimization design, Ritter adjusted some configuration requirements in the bidding documents and design drawings from the standpoint of users, and optimized the configuration of the system on the basis of ensuring that the design performance of the system meets the requirements of Party A

according to the requirements of the bidding documents, the communication machine room and computer center are located on the 13th floor of the main building. For the convenience of management and maintenance, the main wiring of the data part is set up in the computer center, and the main wiring of the voice part is set up in the communication room. The data backbone of the system adopts multi-mode optical cable, and the termination equipment adopts rack type optical fiber distribution frame; The voice backbone adopts 25 pairs of unshielded twisted pair copper cables of category V, and the termination equipment adopts clip on distribution frame. The data and voice transmission level system adopts category 6 4 pairs of unshielded twisted pair copper cables, all of which are terminated by RJ45 quick connect distribution frame. Information points such as large bay office area adopt ground double port sockets, and other information point panels adopt wall type single port or double port 86 type panels, equipped with dust doors. The information points of the generic cabling system of Citigroup Building total 13309 points

equipment configuration and product selection

1. Work area subsystem

in order to meet the requirements of computer network and other applications on the generic cabling system, and according to the requirements of the tender, the information points of the generic cabling system of Citigroup Building all adopt RJ-45 class VI modules, the information points such as the large Bay office area adopt the ground double port socket, and other information point panels adopt the wall type single port or double port 86 panel, equipped with dust doors. When the wall type panel is embedded with 86 type bottom box at the information point on the wall, and the 86 type panel is used to package the module and the panel, it needs to be adjusted in time according to the actual situation of engineering decoration of gbt4160 (2) 004 steel strain aging sensitivity test method (Charpy impact method). The installation direction of the information socket has a 45 degree inclination angle, and the information socket is equipped with obvious signs to distinguish the different uses of computers and

Citigroup Building is designed with 46 double port wall sockets and 7 single port wall sockets, and the rest are ground sockets. Each information point (including voice point and data point) is configured with a gigaflex ps6+ six category information module. Gigaflex ps6+ module is a nordx/cdt module based on superfluid injection molding process and lead frame patented technology to ensure long-term transmission stability and performance guarantee. Its unique card port provides fast and easy installation, and tools such as gigaflex, Bix and 110 can be used

to ensure that the gigaflex ps6+ module can also achieve the installation effect of the laboratory when installed on site, each module is also equipped with an IBDN exclusive patented cable installation

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