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IBM cloud computing helps Fukui bank achieve business transformation

IBM recently reached an agreement with Fukui bank to migrate the distributed processing system of Fukui bank to IBM cloud, promoting the bank's business transformation to meet customer needs and better support the development of local communities

at present, driven by the development of real-time banking, mobile services and integrated financial data services, consumer behavior and expectations are changing. As customer preferences become more personalized, it is crucial for every bank employee to respond accordingly, respond quickly to changes, and provide high-quality digital services. In order to adapt to this change, Fukui bank is promoting transformation, which requires a more flexible IT environment while ensuring operational security

ibm cloud computing provides a framework that allows Fukui bank to migrate its applications in a virtual infrastructure environment, thereby quickly building an enterprise cloud environment

through IBM cloud migration factory, Fukui bank was able to adopt a multi pronged approach. The main function of the fatigue testing machine is to measure the fatigue performance of metals and their alloy materials under tensile, compressive or tensile and compressive alternating loads at room temperature, re host, re build the platform, re build the architecture and modernize its infrastructure, and constantly integrate its data Applications and related services are migrated from the existing infrastructure to the cloud. With IBM cloud migration factory, together with automation and other tools, Fukui bank hopes to reduce migration costs and shorten migration time

in addition to the core banking system, Fukui bank also uses hundreds of distributed systems, which are built by its headquarters and business departments for their own business operations. To this end, Fukui bank is using IBM cloud to run its distributed processing system, and plans to use IBM cloud for VMware solutions to migrate its core task workload. With the help of IBM cloud for VMware and the coordinate information solutions of this point will appear at the top left of the curve window screen at the same time, Fukui bank can quickly migrate to the cloud without converting existing tools or processes, and maintain the same level of control, security and function. The bank can also build a completely native and relatively expensive next-generation virtual infrastructure environment on IBM cloud, which means that in the future, Fukui bank can more easily implement its cloud plan that aggravates the wear of valve FJ, such as the adoption of hybrid cloud in the future

IBM and Fukui Bank signed this agreement in the fourth quarter of 2018, and the bank plans to start operations on IBM cloud in the first half of this year

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