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IBM invested $1.2 billion to build another 15 cloud data centers

on January 17, IBM announced plans to invest more than $1.2 billion to expand its global cloud deployment on a large scale. This investment includes building a data center network designed to bring greater flexibility and transparency to customers, and enabling customers to better manage their data, run their business, and deploy it operations in the cloud

40 cloud data centers will be located on five continents

in 2014, IBM plans to provide cloud services from 40 data centers in 15 countries on five continents, including North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. This includes 15 data centers that IBM will build worldwide, 12 data centers that have been built, and 13 data centers in softlayer. The new data centers will be located in China, Washington, D.C., Hong Kong, London, Japan, India, Canada, Mexico and Dallas. According to this latest release, IBM plans to achieve data center coverage in all major regions and financial centers, and plans to expand to the Middle East and Africa in 2015

it is estimated that the global cloud computing market will grow to $200billion in 2020, which is mainly due to the active deployment of cloud services by enterprises and government agencies to promote sales, product development, manage their supply chain and carry out business innovation and transformation through cloud computing

IBM is continuing to invest in high growth areas, said Erich Clementi, senior vice president of IBM Global Information technology services. Last year, IBM invested $2billion to acquire softlayer to expand its existing portfolio of high value cloud products. Today's release of metal material testing machine, which is suitable for mechanical property testing of metal materials, is another important step to promote the expansion and deployment of IBM cloud computing in the world to help customers achieve transformation

ibm is making this new cloud investment, which will enable enterprise customers to store and control their data worldwide. With such a large-scale deployment, IBM softlayer enables its customers to choose the location and environment of cloud computing that is most suitable for their business development needs. In this way, it can provide data visualization and transparency, and control data security at the same time

ibm softlayer can provide high-performance services worldwide through the softlayer network. The combination of distributed local data centers and global networks enables customers to store data where they need it when they need it, and enables them to integrate or aggregate data as needed. This greatly optimizes the performance and response speed of the system application

softlayer's unique network architecture can make customers no longer subject to the uncontrollable characteristics of public networks and interconnection, and better enjoy the performance improvement brought by cloud computing through the private deployment network provided by softlayer

cloudant's definition of global expansion speed. The embarrassing strategic mineral benefits from our commitment to customers to always stay connected, said Derek schoettle, CEO of cloudant. Our mission is to become the standard data layer for web and mobile applications. This mission requires us to push application data to as many networks as possible. This expansion of IBM softlayer is of great significance to our business expansion. The investment IBM is making to expand its global network is not only conducive to our growth, but also conducive to the growth of thousands of cloudant users around the world

in the current world that needs rapid corresponding mobile and social data flooding, IBM softlayer has the ability of high availability and control, automation and high-speed data access, which makes IBM softlayer the most preferred choice for customers around the world

cloud computing is an area of increasing investment in venture capital. Ann winblad, general manager and co-founder of Hummer winblad venture partners, said that through the investment in the cloud ecosystem, IBM not only enables enterprises to use the cloud more easily in Europe and the United States, but also promotes innovation. If it is found that the noise of the high and low temperature laboratory box comes from the tightening machine, it can help those new companies, No matter the size, it can achieve rapid growth

softlayer added more than 2400 customers

the acquisition of softlayer represents another major investment in IBM customers. Since its acquisition in 2013, IBM softlayer has added more than 2400 new customers. In fact, IBM positions softlayer as the cornerstone of IBM's comprehensive cloud portfolio. Softlayer infrastructure will provide an extensible and secure cloud computing infrastructure platform on which IBM's comprehensive middleware software and SaaS solution cloud services can be delivered. Softlayer's flexibility and global network will also help to develop, deploy and deliver mobile, analytics and social solutions faster, as customers are using cloud computing as a delivery platform for their IT operations and business management

last week, IBM invested heavily in the establishment of IBM Watson group, a new business unit dedicated to the development and commercialization of cognitive computing and big data innovation in cloud delivery. As part of this plan, Watson will run on softlayer

it is reported that IBM currently has more than 100 cloud SaaS solutions, thousands of industry knowledge experts who help customers achieve transformation, and 40 data centers around the world. Since 2007, IBM has invested more than $7billion in 15 acquisitions to accelerate its cloud plan and build a high-value cloud portfolio. IBM has 1560 cloud patents and focuses on promoting innovation. In fact, IBM has topped the list of U.S. patent leaders for 21 consecutive years. IBM processes more than 5.5 million customer transactions every day through its own public cloud. IBM expects to achieve an annual cloud revenue target of $7billion by 2015

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