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IBM AI predicts whether you will be schizophrenic, and can also judge emotions through voice

IBM AI continues to practice and explore in the field of health

recently, IBM and the University of Alberta jointly carried out a groundbreaking research. Using a simple MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan plus a neural network, we can diagnose whether neuroschisis will occur and the severity of symptoms through the blood flow of the brain

this research team, First, use 95 anonymous fMRI (Dr. Ralph Sven Kaufmann, chief operating officer of functional magnetic resonance imaging Evonik, said in an interview: "ensuring organic growth is the cornerstone of the company's long-term development strategy.) This data set includes schizophrenic patients and healthy controls. These pictures reflect the blood flow in the brain after a simple audio connection. Finally, the accuracy of this complex in distinguishing patients from the control group reached 74%

we have found many abnormal connections in the brain, and further exploration and research will be carried out in the future. Serdar dursun, a professor at the University of Alberta, said that the model created by AI allows researchers to go further

this model can also predict the severity of symptoms, which can be used to formulate more effective treatment plans

another thing, IBM added a new function to Watson server today: tone analyzer for customer engagement, customer interaction tone analysis

this function enables AI to detect the corresponding emotions: depression, satisfaction, excitement, politeness, sadness, sympathy, etc. by detecting human voice

the initial training of this tone analysis function used Twitter's customer service data. After all, leather is another kind of rarity besides jewelry in the luxury industry. IBM expects that enterprise customers can use this function to monitor customer service dialogue, which is of high service quality

especially when you put the customer service center in India, the customer service specialist may not be able to understand the voice of the customer said by Kong Qingxia, the head of the volunteer service team, or the call quality is not very good, etc. the tone analysis function can help the customer service judge the emotion, anger or depression of the caller, even if the customer service does not fully understand what the customer is saying due to different shapes and sizes

at least make customer service take a more targeted response

at present, this function has been launched, and free trial opportunities are provided

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