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IBM officially awarded Hangzhou cognitive double awards, and Watson tumor solutions have been rolled out nationwide.

Watson entered China for one year. As Watson's first core strategic partner in China, Hangzhou cognitive completed many of the country's first achievements within one year, and Hangzhou cognitive Watson intelligent application cloud platform quickly landed across the country, opening the unstoppable future of artificial intelligence assisted diagnosis and treatment

the industry's award-winning official certification, and Hangzhou's recognition is recognized

for this reason, IBM Global officials wrote this cooperation more deeply, emphasizing that it is Watson's first partner project in China, and Hangzhou recognizes it as IBM Watson's core strategic partner in China. After more than half a year of product debugging and the development of diversified business models, as the first operator of IBM Watson in China, Hangzhou cognition won the beacon award and the top transformational business partner at the IBM Global Conference in Las Vegas in February this year and the China Conference in Beijing in April, It is the only company in China that has won the double award of GH craft Ltd in charge of the structural design of ultra light vehicle composite materials at all stages, which also establishes the extremely important position of Hangzhou cognition in the transformation of IBM enterprises towards artificial intelligence business

IBM Global officials announced Watson's first entry into China

IBM Global Conference Hangzhou cognition won the award

Hangzhou cognition carried out in-depth development on the basis of IBM Watson, built Watson intelligent application cloud platform, gradually integrated Watson's entire product line, and customized adjustments according to the different diagnosis and treatment needs of domestic hospitals, so as to meet the actual clinical applications of domestic hospitals, This platform was first unveiled at the China Health Information Technology Exchange Conference on May 18, which received the attention and guidance of director Jin Xiaotao, leader of the national health and Family Planning Commission, and became one of the most watched AI medical products at the conference.? As a leading enterprise in artificial intelligence assisted diagnosis and treatment in China, Hangzhou cognition has created a number of national first cooperation projects within one year, which has become the basis for the development of human intelligent medical applications in China

rapidly deploy dozens of large-scale tier-3 hospitals nationwide

at the IBM Watson Global Conference on August 11, 2016, Hangzhou cognition signed a long-term strategic cooperation with 21 large-scale tier-3 hospitals in China, announcing that Watson's artificial intelligence assisted diagnosis and treatment services will be extended to 21 hospitals and related member hospitals of the medical consortium in the mode of tumor multidisciplinary joint consultation center (MDT), as an industry demonstration. So far, Hangzhou cognitive has contacted hundreds of large and medium-sized medical institutions across the country, reached formal cooperation with dozens of hospitals, and has been officially put into operation in more than a dozen hospitals. The next step will be to deepen cooperation with local hospitals in the county. In combination with the light, thin, transparent and electrical conductivity of Hangzhou cognitive graphene, we will implement hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, remote consultation, and assist doctors to make accurate medical plans efficiently, Improve the overall tumor treatment level of the Medical Association

the first Watson joint consultation center in China landed in Zhejiang

on December 26, 2016, the first Watson joint consultation center in China was established in Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in Hangzhou, opening a new era of artificial intelligence assisted diagnosis and treatment for China's medical industry. The meeting brought together a number of Zhejiang medical management leaders, and Chand deshwal, head of IBM Watson health customer success management, personally attended to introduce Watson for oncology products to the media, It marks the beginning of Watson's landing in China

the first time in China to settle in the tumor Institute to improve regional tumor diagnosis and treatment and academic discussion

on March 21, the Central Hospital of Panyu District, Guangzhou held the founding ceremony of Watson tumor consultation center of Panyu Tumor Institute, which is the first consultation center of Watson in South China. This is the first time Watson has combined with the regional cancer research center, not only from the perspective of clinical assistance, but also with scientific research, remote consultation and regional doctor training as the core to strengthen the level of regional tumor treatment and research. At present, the Panyu Tumor Research Institute has held many tumor academic salons, and Watson participated in many case discussions

the first intelligent medical research center in China was established to help local doctors cultivate

Watson originated in the United States, and always let the outside world hold that the differences between Chinese and Western tumor treatment affect the product grounding gas. In the process of Watson promotion, Hangzhou recognized that even though there are slight differences in the treatment of the same disease in different regions of the country, from the perspective of teaching and scientific research, it not only makes Watson more grounding gas, It can better use the powerful ability of artificial intelligence to improve the quality of domestic tumor related research

on April 12, the first Watson intelligent medical research center in China was established in Yangzhou Subei people's hospital to assist Yangzhou and Taizhou in establishing a knowledge base for the treatment of difficult tumor diseases, multidisciplinary collaboration, scientific research and teaching, talent cultivation and other development. At present, the research center has held a number of Watson MDT discussion meetings to assist Yangzhou in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult tumor symptoms and the cultivation of young doctors

implement Watson's high-end consultation and charging model, the first private hospital in China. In order not to let the public third-class hospitals specialize in beauty, in June this year, Guangdong Qifu hospital introduced Hangzhou cognitive Watson intelligent application cloud platform, which became "nagori afterwave". It is a tableware made of new materials with plastic formability and ceramic texture. The first private high-end hospital in China applies Watson to high-end outpatient services. With the continuous establishment of Watson joint consultation centers across the country, Watson has gradually attracted the attention of the public. Hangzhou cognition began to think about how to deepen Watson's regional influence in the next step

build the country's first cognitive medicine special committee to accumulate domestic experts. On June 18, the country's first cognitive medicine tumor special committee was established in Fujian. With the purpose of academic discussion, the special committee discussed the promotion and localization direction of cognitive medicine in China. At present, more than 200 experts and scholars from Fujian Province have gathered to participate in the discussion, becoming the first doctor alliance in China with the theme of artificial intelligence assisted diagnosis and treatment

the first Watson tumor specialist alliance in China was established to deepen regional tumor diagnosis and treatment

on July 15, Guangdong Jiangmen Central Hospital, which has a history of 100 years, led eight hospitals in the surrounding areas to jointly establish Watson tumor specialist alliance, using the remote intelligent consultation function of Hangzhou cognitive Watson intelligent application cloud platform to promote the linkage between county-level hospitals, bring high-quality medical resources to the grass-roots level, and realize resource sharing, So as to better achieve hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, so that more grass-roots people can benefit from it

the professional operation team of artificial intelligence training, the first in China, supports the rapid deployment of Watson's business nationwide in real time. In order to avoid geographical and time constraints, it supports Dr. Watson's learning and Watson's implementation in real time, so as to assist Watson in the smooth implementation of multidisciplinary consultation. Hangzhou cognition breaks the geographical constraints and creates the country's first artificial intelligence distance education platform to achieve the training purposes of teaching, real-time interaction and answering questions. After the training, the professional customer service team can help doctors solve problems in real time, maximize Watson's advantages and assist doctors in clinical diagnosis and treatment

Hangzhou cognitive Watson distance training system

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