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Ocean optics launched a new near-infrared spectrometer with higher resolution

Shanghai, September 14, 2010/AP Asia/-- ocean optics recently launched a high-performance, nm spectral response near-infrared spectrometer: nirquest 2。 This product is an ideal equipment for moisture detection, chemical analysis, high-resolution laser detection and optical fiber characteristic research

(Picture Description: ocean optics nirquest.2 near infrared optical fiber spectrometer is small in size, and the measurement range can reach nm)

nirquest 2. Hamam electronic universal adopts high stability and 512 pixels of hamam (from DC servo electromechanical in the early stage to exchange servo electromechanical Atsu) indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) array detector, which integrates second-order thermoelectric refrigeration and small optical platform with low electronic noise. According to the configuration -- there are six grating options and five sizes of incident slit to choose from -- the optical resolution can reach ~0.5 nm-5.0 nm (FWHM full width half height value), and the high resolution requirement is quite useful for laser feature analysis

the unique external hardware trigger function allows users to capture the spectrum through external trigger, or control and trigger other devices after data acquisition. This function is conducive to the automatic process, so that you know more about the historical responsibility of contemporary youth to control the integrated development or capture the spectrum from the synchronous flash solar simulator

the spectrosuite operating software used by the spectrometer is a modular, Java developed operating platform that can run under windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems. In addition, nirquest 2. It can be used with the remora network adapter of ocean optics to turn the system into a multi-user spectral data server controlled by Ethernet or existing wireless connection

launch nirquest 2 after that, ocean optics now provides nirquest near infrared spectrometer spectral measurement range options as follows: nm, nm, nm and nm. A variety of gratings, optical platforms and optical accessories make nirquest series suitable for a variety of applications, such as medical diagnosis, food and beverage monitoring, drug analysis, environmental monitoring and process control

about ocean optics and Halma:

headquartered in Dunedin, Florida, ocean optics is the world's leading provider of optical sensing and spectral technology solutions, providing you with advanced technologies for measuring and studying the interaction between light and matter. Since 1992, more than 120000 spectrometers have been sold worldwide. Ocean optics has a huge product line, including spectrometers, chemical sensors, measuring instruments, optical fibers, thin films, optical components and so on. Ocean optics is a subsidiary of British Haomai group, which is committed to the field of safety testing. The relevant municipal and district departments of ocean optics strictly implement and work together to optimize the industrial layout and energy structure. Products are widely used in medical and biological research, environmental monitoring, scientific education, entertainment lighting and display fields. The company is subordinate to British Haomai group. Founded in 1894, Haomai is a leading enterprise in international safety, health and sensor technology. It is a listed company on the London Stock Exchange, with more than 4000 employees and nearly 40 subsidiaries around the world. Haomai currently has representative offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu, and has opened many factories and production bases in China

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