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Obama said that the United States punishes China's photovoltaic industry as a leading step

on March 22, the program "Phoenix morning bus" broadcast "the United States punishes China's solar photovoltaic industry. Obama said that the leading company will take the first step in the acquisition". The following is a written record:

host: the U.S. Department of Commerce made a preliminary ruling on the simple and fair structure of the experimental machine on the 20th on China's solar cell subsidy case exported to the United States, and plans to impose punitive tariffs. In this regard, US President Barack Obama said on the 21st that this is the leading step for the United States to deal with the unfair competition in China's solar photovoltaic industry, and said that as long as everyone follows the rules of the game, the United States will win

Commentary: in response to the rising oil prices in the United States, Obama launched a new source of recycled carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin matrix composites developed by Sigmatex in its existing sigmarf product series on the 21st. Obama wants to convince the public that he has taken all means to curb the rise in oil prices. Obama's leading station came to Nevada, the largest solar photovoltaic power plant in the United States. He said he planned to vigorously explore oil and vigorously promote the development of renewable energy industry. One of his means is to take action on Chinese-made solar photovoltaic products, which account for half of the U.S. market

he said that the Chinese government has provided an unfair competitive advantage to China's solar photovoltaic industry

Obama (president of the United States): in fact, yesterday, my government decided that China did not follow the rules in the solar photovoltaic industry, so I took the lead in fair competition. Because when everyone abides by the same rules, I have no doubt that American workers and American industries will win. So we will ensure that our law is actually implemented

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