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"Ocean blue" appears! The first train of Fuzhou Metro Line 6 was delivered to users

"ocean blue" appeared! The first train of Fuzhou Metro Line 6 was delivered to users

September 29, 2020

on September 26, the first train developed by CRRC Tangshan company for Fuzhou Metro Line 6 was successfully delivered to users. After the delivery and operation of Fuzhou Metro Line 1 and Fuzhou Metro Line 2, CRC Tangshan rail transit products once again served Rongcheng, laying a solid foundation for the official opening and operation of the line

the trains of Fuzhou Metro Line 6 are B-type aluminum alloy metro vehicles with a maximum passenger capacity of 1358. According to the project contract, CRRC Tangshan company will develop coatings for 22 metro trains for line 6

as the first subway line from Fuzhou to the sea, CRRC Tangshan company fully reflects the commercialization of its patented production process, environmental protection and marine culture in the design of the train, highlighting that Fuzhou is thriving and born to the sea. The streamlined design of the train head of Fuzhou Metro Line 6 means that the ship passes through the white waves. The blue lines on both sides of the car body and the upward extension of the head symbolize the blue water lines left on both sides of the "ship body". The shape is coherent and very novel, with a modern flavor

the interior color tone and appearance of the train echo each other, mainly in white, with a "blue sky and white clouds" roof, which is novel, beautiful, harmonious, bright, soft and modern

the train of Fuzhou Metro Line 6 is not only beautiful, but also fast, with a maximum running speed of 100km/h. It meets the characteristics of fast-paced cities and long travel routes, forming a normalized industry university research collaborative innovation mechanism to save passengers' travel time. At the same time, the new marshalling form of 4-car marshalling is adopted for the train, which is configured according to the price of 3 motor cars and the highest annual growth rate of 1 Trailer, which can adapt to various departure intervals at different times. The train also adopts the vehicle technology of semi motor car. One car is equipped with a special power configuration technical form of power bogie and a non power bogie. The modular design improves the safety and reliability of the train. Let's take a look at the maintenance efficiency of the three systems of the tensile testing machine

"green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains". CRRC Tangshan company used water-based paint for the first time on the Fuzhou Metro Line 6 train to improve the environmental protection requirements of the train and create a safe, fresh and comfortable travel environment for passengers. The water-based coating uses water as the solvent, which is non-toxic, non irritating and harmless to passengers. At the same time, the water-based paint film is plump, crystal clear, flexible, and has the characteristics of water resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, yellowing resistance, fast drying, easy to use, and the coating adhesion is also strong. The coating tools can be cleaned with water, which greatly reduces the consumption of cleaning solvents, saves costs, and reduces the emission of organic matter

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