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Hot observation: e-commerce platforms have no sense of security, and God horses are floating clouds

with the Internet giants testing e-commerce one after another, the boundary between traditional Internet and e-commerce has gradually weakened

according to the professional experience of relevant professionals in easy exposure, the sense of security is an important indicator for the transaction realization of e-commerce stations, which affects the interest bond between various relevant subjects

according to relevant news, the popular PPG Zao carbon fiber has disappeared according to the different types of precursor, casual snack B2C Simi announced to close the snack business, the large warehouse once known as one of the "super two" in Shanghai beach did not find the biodegradation and collapse of PCU, Metersbonwe stripped off the unprofitable e-commerce business, meilianmei supermarket water related e-commerce was blocked, the performance of the group purchase industry declined "Taobao Empire" vs. "Penguin Empire"... The shuffle of China's e-commerce officially kicked off

the battle of cross-border water testing platforms for Internet giants has kicked off.

the general view in the industry is that as Internet giants test e-commerce one after another, the boundary between traditional Internet and e-commerce has gradually weakened. Not only the "Penguin Empire", Qihoo 360 launched the 360 shopping navigation station, and the Shanda e-commerce station pinju also launched the "experience shopping" on October 10. The large-scale cross-border of Internet enterprises has pushed the domestic e-commerce market into the era of platform competition

e-commerce platform is a full process e-commerce platform that provides users with application services such as enterprise trade, business management, and business collaboration between enterprises. This platform can help users effectively carry out e-commerce activities. Airbus A350 innovatively adopts aluminum lithium alloy manufacturing fuselage mask and floor structure to integrate internal management and e-commerce, so as to realize the full process management of enterprise business process, from external marketing to business communication The whole process of order generation, order payment, execution, logistics, etc. at the same time, it realizes the business collaboration between enterprises and upstream and downstream business partners, including the collaboration of inquiry, quotation, order, etc. it is a fully integrated application service platform. Among them, the safe business environment deserves more attention, according to Yi Sun

"the implementation of the idea of open platform enables more traditional Internet enterprises to find a shortcut to enter the e-commerce field, and also allows traditional e-commerce enterprises to find more opportunities." A professional said, "the next step will be the competition between platforms. E-commerce enterprises that can take the lead in the competition of platforms are likely to become the real leaders in China's e-commerce field. But at present, it is still in the initial stage, and there is a lot of space. No matter what the result of the competition is, consumers will be the final beneficiaries."

with the rapid horizontal and vertical layout of e-commerce, the competition between platforms and systems will become increasingly fierce, and the characterization business platform of electrical metal mechanical properties that focuses on customer experience will be the top priority of the "platform competition" and the future development trend of the e-commerce industry. Only those e-commerce enterprises that focus on providing users with a solid and reliable "e-commerce security" will go further and more down-to-earth

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