The hottest ocean of Suzhou blue sea safety glass

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Suzhou blue sea: the sea of safety glass

when the bell rings the dawn, stay in the blue sky and listen to the melody of the blue sea. A new starting point, a new journey, new data, new achievements, ushered in new hope

we must deal with the water transport terminal of more than 3000 square meters properly; (it can store more than 1000 glass originals wholesale)

a deep and fine processing workshop of more than 20000 square meters; (with an annual processing capacity of 1.5 million heavy containers, the company took the lead in using ERP management system and SOP standard operating procedures, and has achieved: Digitalization of on-site management, standardization of quality management, refinement of cost management, and networking of marketing management.)

chain factory (Taizhou)

Logistics matching of various transportation vehicles; (GPS management, Schindler precision)

eight series of decorative glass based chain stores; (the supporting company is Bimei decoration design company, which realizes "one-stop" procurement)

the establishment of three companies; (Bihai, Biyu Huating, Bimei)

has laid a solid foundation for creating a new industrial chain model in China's decorative glass industry and played a strong voice in the industry

1. Blue sea -- the sea of safety glass

"Jiangnan is good, and the scenery is familiar. The sunrise River flowers are red than fire, and the spring river water is green as blue, can you not remember Jiangnan?" The beauty of Jiangnan has been famous since ancient times, while the garden landscape of Suzhou is an artistic expression of natural beauty, enjoying the reputation of "three-dimensional painting, silent poetry". The picturesque beauty it creates enables residents to "enjoy the beauty of mountains and forests without going out of the city". Bihai - the sea of safety glass, in line with the business philosophy of making decorative glass complete and refined, with the personal service of "scattered processing and door-to-door delivery", it has won the favor of customers, so that customers "enjoy the charm of Bihai products without going out of the door". Bihai enterprise integrates the aura of the ancient city of Suzhou, integrates nature and humanities for a long time, and endows Bihai with the unique service characteristics of softness, quickness, transparency and mobility. In the Yangtze River Delta: all the buildings are towering, and the blue sea and blue sky are free to fly. (through the joint efforts of all employees over the past five years, our Bihai enterprise has formed an industrial chain integrating the wholesale of original films, deep finishing, logistics and transportation, chain stores, decoration design and installation services. The product structure covers tempered glass, hollow and laminated glass, fire-proof and bulletproof glass, art glass, coated glass, low-radiation Low-E and other decorative glass for exterior walls and interiors, which is truly implemented in both work and home Install a new "one-stop" procurement mode. As the pioneer of the new industrial chain chain model of China's decorative glass industry, Bihai enterprise will take Suzhou as the central base, open branches and chain stores in more than 20 central cities in the Yangtze River Delta, make every effort to build Bihai enterprise economic circle in the Yangtze River Delta, and make every success a new starting point and forge ahead towards a newer and higher development goal


the data obtained from other life interest experiments may have a certain deviation, so as to find another way to reach a high level

used to be busy for people's health,

now I care about Bihai enterprise

the excitement of the radiant heartbeat originates from the tacit understanding that matches everywhere

know its way well,

Shengde Changye, with leading virtue and technology, upholding virtue and technology, and perfection

in just five years, under the leadership of chairman Dukang, Bihai enterprise has achieved leapfrog development through the joint efforts of all employees. (the company has passed the "CCC" certification and ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, and has won many honors, such as "Jiangsu inspection free enterprise", "Jiangsu quality trustworthy enterprise", "Jiangsu star enterprise", and "AAA contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise" in Suzhou.) With the continuous improvement of the company's market share, in order to meet the market demand, the company invested heavily in the Bihai phase II project in October 2008 to build new plants and purchase new equipment, and also built the Bihai building headquarters base, which integrates production, office, exhibition and business with a construction area of more than 17000 square meters

every change means self transcendence

each transcendence creates a new height

this is Bihai enterprise,

brilliant in history,

glorious in the future

is no longer a dream,

I am not the only one who gives you happiness

you can only make me happy

Bihai enterprise will always offer sincerity and repay the society

play the gospel of the times - great love is not strong

2. Jasper garden -- the temple of decorative glass

some people are always inseparable from the city,

some people can't forget the nostalgia,

the wonderful shape of the integration of street scenery and rural scenery is exactly the classic creativity of Suzhou garden's wonderful pen to make civilization in the world. I.M. Pei's finishing work, Suzhou Museum, integrates the successful model of the modernization and reconstruction of Suzhou gardens by the world's top designers

water and soil nourish people, jade Huating's "ancient Jiangnan" and other series of works,

feel the world,

beauty changes naturally,

sing narcissism,

illusion of true joy,

create beautiful products,

recite - clouds flow long,

listen - Jin Sheng Yu Zhen,

see - bright clouds scatter Qi,

speak - cocoon silk drawing,

moving, instant and eternal rebirth

keep up with the pulse of the times and capture the opportunity of change

Bihai enterprise took the lead in establishing the first chain brand of decorative glass terminal sales in the country, Jasper Huating Decorative Glass Co., Ltd., which leads the national high-end building materials stores and plays the strongest tone of the industry era of "gathering the world's largest collection of glass, decorating thousands of spaces to be exquisite"

friends: let's first and foremost feel the magnificent posture of the eight series of products of Jasper Huating

Mr. steffan Huber, President of yibayer materials technology China, said: "The sunshine power landing in Nanjing is like a catalyst for Bayer materials technology, glass series

sliding door glass series

glass hardware series

glass crafts series

glass bathroom series

night glass series

glass furniture series

safety glass series

3. Bimei - a model of decorative design

excellence in heart, refinement in form!

feel the essence and luxury space!,

Ning Livable room

rich family Rong Hongyu

famous houses and celebrities

handed down from generation to generation

Bi Mei Decoration builds a unique emotional belonging for modern cities

Bimei decoration has been cooperating with Suzhou Golden Mantis and other decoration companies for a long time, and the samples have not been clamped correctly, which can also make the value deviate. It is also cooperating with professional colleges and universities such as Suzhou Academy of Arts and crafts to work together and unite strong and strong. It is a subverter of many "impossible" and a creator of many "possible"

Bimei decoration locates the customer groups in hotels, hotels, baths, KTV night spots, bars, coffee shops, exhibition halls, leisure clubs and other public places with large glass consumption, and customizes personalized decoration designs according to the needs of customers. Exquisite design, exquisite craftsmanship, fine construction and meticulous service are the eternal themes of the company. Enjoy what I think, Bi Mei decoration


beautiful and ever-changing nature


infected with his singing and self intoxication,

feeling dreamy and real joy

point-to-point counterpoint,

face-to-face communication

decorate the space luxuriously:


leading fashion,

achieving classics

Bimei decoration,

excellent model

the new model created by Bihai enterprise has achieved today's brilliance, which has been verified again:


the sea embraces all rivers,

tolerance is great,


progress can only be made,


the foundation of Suzhou,

looking at the world

blue waves and waves, the sky is determined to do it,

the sea withers and the rocks crumble and do not change their minds

the new mode of Bihai enterprise,

plays the strongest voice in the industry

we sincerely hope that talented people and sages will continue to join the blue sea and work together with us for common development

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