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Mainland Futures: when the endurance mileage short board of Pt needs to be supplemented, a continues to be weak and reappears the limit

Zhengzhou pta901 fell rapidly after the low opening on Wednesday. The whole day's low level oscillated. At the end of the day, it fell by the limit, closing at 4704 points, down 198 points, or 4.04%. The trading volume was 138280 hands, and the position was increased by 5654 hands to 53294 hands

pta spot, although the internal spot offer is rare, and a small number of quotations are around yuan/ton, the buyer's counter-offer is only between yuan/ton. In the afternoon, a 2000 ton Korean spot of 5100 yuan/ton cash ship board was traded, and another 1000 ton domestic high-quality spot was also traded at this price. In terms of external market, the seller's quotation is more difficult, and the market is busy and difficult. Most of them are waiting for the buyer to submit their offer. However, in the face of such uncertain trend, the buyer continues to hold back and wait. Generally, the spot price of Taiwan and South Korea is still around us $620 for the time being, and the price of a 2000 ton Korean bonded spot in Zhangjiagang is about US $590/ton due to various reasons. The scope of possible transactions in the market is temporarily in the US dollar/ton range, As PX spot is reported to have fallen below the $600 mark to about $580/ton today, many polyester enterprises have made few firm offers, and some tentative counter offers are only about $550/ton

although the crude oil has stabilized slightly, the overall situation of a large-scale economic recession is still short-term. Shandong Obert company reminds you to refer to the following requirements and principles for the ordinary protection and maintenance of cold and hot shock testing machines, and the protection and maintenance methods are difficult to change. Demand concerns are still troubled, and the overall decline of crude oil is still continuing. At present, the downstream terminal demand is further shrinking, and the sales of cloth and yarn are also very serious. Now it is the director of our factory who has serious difficulties in overstocking, and the yarn and loom are significantly reduced. The polyester demand still shows signs of continuing to shrink. In this situation, it is very difficult for PTA market to really improve

affected by the Fed's interest rate cut, crude oil rebounded in the short term, and some bottom hunting funds may appear. PTA will also rebound with the rise, but the rebound height must be limited, and the overall downward trend is still difficult to change. It is recommended that investors build positions and short when the rebound occurs

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