PTA of the hottest Liangmao futures fell slowly th

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Liangmao Futures: PTA fell slowly this week, and the long and short direction is not clear.

PTA failed to stand firm on the platform that stopped falling in the early stage this week, and fell slowly. This week, PTA's main 809 contract closed at 9390, down from last week. But in the past two years, Koizumi has a unique hobby for strange faces. 4 yuan, the trading volume decreased significantly, and the position decreased by 11518. Judging from the weekly K-line, the downward trend may continue, but the trading volume this week is not large, and the market may still be in a state of high-level adjustment, and the long and short direction is not clear

this week, China National fiber PTA price index continued to rise, reported 9550 on Friday, and the mine increased by 30 points over the same period last week

in terms of warehouse receipts, there were 14056 PTA warehouse receipts this week, 514 less than last week, and 0 effective forecast

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