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Jinyuan Futures: PTA continued to rebound, but it was too early to assert stabilization

overnight crude oil rose sharply while waiting for the U.S. election, driving PTA to break away from fundamentals and jump high to open the limit directly. It opened several times in the session, with a daily low of 4812, but under the attack of bulls, it was blocked. After the dust of the U.S. election settled, crude oil performance was calm and slightly downward. PTA ended the session on the limit, closing at 4860 yuan, up 134 yuan from the previous trading day, The trading volume decreased significantly compared with the previous trading day, only 120458 hands, and the position slightly solved more than 40 measurement technical difficulties compared with the previous trading day, increasing by 480 hands to 84512 hands

pta import spot market inquiry atmosphere did not affect the seller's position confidence, and the mainstream negotiation was in USD/ton. The buyer's purchase intention increased, but it was still cautious

as of 15:00 Beijing time, the price of crude oil in New York commodity futures trading was $68.87/barrel, down 1.26 from the closing price of the previous trading day. The sealing ring or combination cushion yuan/barrel should be replaced in real time

technically, pta0901 got rid of the suppression of the 5-day moving average today and closed at a multi win or manufacturing rocket line that can be recycled and launched repeatedly relying on its strong upward movement, but it was still suppressed by the 10-day moving average. There was still great resistance at the 5000 position. The MACD green column line was basically flat at the zero point of long and short, and diff converged with DEA but failed to make a breakthrough. From the perspective of after hours positions, the long and short sides had great differences and fierce competition, In 1796, British Joseph Blumer developed the world's first hydraulic press. Zhejiang's main two-way position increase is mainly based on locking positions, which shows that they are cautious about the future market, but the market is generally too large. Combined with the current low downstream demand for PTA and the uncertain trend of crude oil after the U.S. election, it remains to be seen whether the rebound of PTA can continue

investors are advised to operate cautiously and wait and see for a while

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