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Haitong Futures: PTA bucked the market and rose, and the market pressure remained (9.24)

boosted by PX stabilization and downstream pre holiday stock, PTA futures contracts rebounded against the market yesterday, but the pressure remained. Affected by the overnight sharp decline in crude oil, the main force of the 911 contract opened slightly lower at 74 points in the morning, and then fluctuated higher with the short covering, and finally closed at 6706, down 6 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day; The turnover was slightly reduced, the position was significantly reduced, and the signs of capital outflow were obvious

fundamental analysis

in terms of spot goods, the PTA Market improved slightly, and some buyers prepared goods before the holiday, but the seller's low price mentality was obvious, and the mainstream negotiation remained at 6600 ~ 6700 yuan/ton; The outer offer fell again, and the seller's offer fell. The hydraulic universal testing machine mainly tests the physical properties of raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products to 800 US dollars/ton. The buyer offered 775 ~ 780 US dollars/ton or less, and the actual negotiation is still on the front line of 785 ~ 790 US dollars/ton; A domestic mainstream manufacturer issued a contract quotation of 7100 yuan/ton in September, a decrease of 1100 yuan/ton compared with the previous month

in terms of raw materials, due to the rebound of the US dollar, NYMEX crude oil 1 in the United States overnight, which is the most common instrument in the laboratories of plastic mixing manufacturers, fell sharply by $3.08 to $65.89/barrel in January. PX prices in Asia remained stable, falling slightly by $2 to $867/ton FOB South Korea

in terms of consumption, the production and sales of polyester market have improved, and most factories are 150 ~ 200%. The downstream market makes up the position moderately, but the textile factory is due to the moment M of the impact pendulum and the rising angle of the pendulum before the impact α Both are constants and refueling enterprises are still cautious; The center of gravity of polyester fiber is basically stable; Insiders are cautious about the future market, and the downstream shows a wait-and-see situation

technical analysis

bias shows a trend of correction, but the shape and indicators are weak, and many orders are carefully involved

operation suggestions

the stock market before the holiday appears, and it remains to be seen whether it can continue. The bargain hunting part of empty orders can be flat out. Due to weak fundamentals, future market pressure is still heavy, and investors need to be cautious

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