PTA of the hottest Haitong futures rose steadily,

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Haitong Futures: PTA rose steadily and many orders continued to hold (10.19)

yesterday, Ta futures contracts mainly rose steadily. After opening slightly higher in the morning, the main 912 contract was pushed up by buying. It surged all the way to the 7450 line. At the end of the day, it fell slightly under the pressure of long position closing, and finally closed at 7390, up 180 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day; The warehouse volume has been enlarged, and the long main force continues to increase its holdings

fundamental analysis

in terms of spot goods, PTA continued to rise, and the market showed a wait-and-see situation. Traders closed their offers but did not offer. A small number of offers in the internal market rose to 7250 ~ 7300 yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation was 7200 ~ 7250 yuan/ton. The market atmosphere was slightly deadlocked; The external offer also rose to $835 ~ 840/ton, and the buyers offered $825 ~ 830/ton, with relatively few transactions

in terms of raw materials, the hypothetical system is facing only the words of content. The higher US stocks and the weak US dollar stimulated the overnight US NYMEX crude oil contract in November to continue to close up $1.08 to $79.61/barrel. PX in Asia weakened again, falling $10 to $900 ~ 905/ton FOB South Korea

in terms of consumption, the operating rate of polyester plant is maintained at 74.5%. Troubleshooting: replace oil polyester with suitable viscosity. The market atmosphere is generally good, production and sales are relatively good, the center of gravity of polyester continues to rise, and downstream traders and weaving mills continue to replenish their positions; Due to the low polyester inventory, the possibility of forced increase by downstream polyester plants cannot be ruled out

technical analysis

the futures prices are all up along 5 and stand strongly on all object lines of last season, and there will be continuous upward momentum in the near future; Yesterday's index station was in the empty zone, and today's empty arrival is more likely

it is recommended to measure with a square level

PTA still has the power to go higher, and more orders will continue to be held

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