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Founder Futures: PTA ended higher in shock

China approved an economic incentive plan with a scale of $600billion, and the world's leading economies proposed to stimulate economic growth, which will eliminate the threat of global economic recession and restore energy demand U.S. crude oil futures rose more than $2 to above $63 a barrel on Monday. Today, pta901 jumped high and opened, with fierce long and short competition. All seamless steel pipes were basically consolidated throughout the day, and the trend of mechanical property testing was volatile. Opening 4720, the highest 4780, the lowest 4674, closing 4718, up 68 points

fundamentals, upstream, crude oil has strong support until the recent $60. Therefore, as far as Tangshan market is concerned, PX price has stabilized, and PTA spot has also temporarily stabilized. Today, China National fiber offered 5000 yuan. Downstream, various professional markets have a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, and the trading atmosphere is weakening. The whole downstream industry has very high requirements for product quality, and it is still difficult for the industry to get out of the downturn in the short term

technically, it is in a horizontal consolidation stage

investors are advised to wait and see the changes and trends of the market for a while and wait for new opportunities

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